• George Kara

Product Traceablility and Transparency platform to increase sustainability in the Fashion industry

Transparency is the buzz word at the moment in the fashion industry, a big example is the "who made my clothes" campaign by fashion for good, and other big sustainability partners in the fashion industry.

We are proud to announce that we have setup a partnership with TrustTrace. Trustrace is your digital solution to make your product and supply chain Transparent and raw materials and accessories used traceable.

We understand the complexity associated with the textile and apparel supply chain - the variety of raw materials and accessories, the various value addition processes, the cross-continent supply chains with unknown nodes, different standards and metrics needed for different stakeholders.

TrusTrace provides a scale-able digital platform that can be easily customised based on user requirements to support a variety of standards, processes and materials. Our powerful back-end powered by blockchain, enables us to provide validated data from unknown nodes in the supply chain.

TrusTrace Platform Services

Traceability Tool – Visually helps the user establish traceability in the supply chain beyond the higher tier suppliers, and on beyond the retail stores post sale

Transparency Tool – helps validate and monitor the supply chain data, quality and production information at a company, supplier or product level and share it with relevant stakeholders

Sustainability Tool – helps user analyse the data from the supply and consumption side of business to understand the business risks, prepare sustainability reports and evaluate supply chains

Circularity Tool – helps user to reuse and recycle and establish the Fiber to Garment to Fiber chain using LCA analysis and customer engagement tools

Authenticated Data on a Consortium Blockchain + Analytics and Dashboard Applications for specific use cases = TrusTrace

TrusTrace Business Services

Road map to trace-able transparent supply chain - helps you define a clear plan for establishing unit level traceability based on your current status, organisation capacity and strategic goal alignment

System Integrations - provides the required services for integrations with your existing business process and enterprise systems, certification bodies, other standard bodies, existing customer engagement tools Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

Custom solutions - helps customers to build additional digital solutions that will help them derive more value out of the data from our systems

If you are interested in a demo, or have questions please feel free to contact us anytime at info@georgeblack.nl and we will get back to you ASAP


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